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About Dylan Love
and his company:
Dylan Love Film LLC

Dylan Love is a Director of Photography based out of San Francisco, California. He specializes in steadicam and has a passion for capturing breathtaking footage that tells a story. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Dylan has worked on a variety of projects ranging from commercials to live performances, his work also spans from episodic television to documentaries. 

Dylan Love Film LLC Provides you with the tools and experience to make your video stand out! You can count on him and his team to capture the moment beautifully and with ease. 



Dylan Love is a cinematographer based out of San Francisco and the greater Bay Area. He became fascinated with Steadicam technology while working as a 1st assistant camera pulling focus all day for many years in recreation television. He began working with the rig himself at some point. He loves the physicality of the steadicam work and truly feels that the shots generated by the freedom of movement in the rig is unparalleled. Dylan is passionate about creating meaningful media in hopes to generate feelings, empower people, and above all inspire awe. While not working you may find him taking snap shots with his camera phone, flying his drone, or climbing the nearest mountain to gain a different perspective. He wants you to see the beauty that he sees. He would like to offer his eye to the world.


"Your videos look great! They are fab- and everyone is happy."

-Max Curious Productions

"Top notch professional, All about Sony Master++! Smooth on set, very creative. A pleasure to work with as well!"

- Sound in Pictures

"He's that guy in the camera department you want working for you."

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